Dealer packages / Price List

Bulk Options

Orders made in "BULK" are shipped in flat rate boxes and are NOT packaged for resale. **In this case, the seller typically plans to use their own packaging or change the per box quantity before selling.


This option is the cheapest option since Precision Airgun Ammo labeling is not included.


Dealer is responsible for boxes, packing materials, labeling, and labor associated with packaging product for sale. Product is slightly more likely to be damaged during shipping when bulk packaged.

Discount on bulk orders


Master Pack Option

Orders made as "Master Pack" are prepackaged, plain white, set quantity boxes, packed into large shipping boxes.


Ready to place on your shelves and start selling as soon as received. Less likely to be damaged during shipping.


Quantity per box is preset by Precision Airgun Ammo.

Discount on master pack orders


Custom Option

Orders made as "Custom" will be sent in master packed shipping boxes and will include all necessary labeling to reflect options selected by dealer.


Ability to change the per box quantity (Includes custom product identification labels provided by the dealer) Ability to add dealer's name to main box label. All packages come in a simple white box. Box size: L- 6.75, W-3.25, H-2.25


With boxes and packaging included, the number of slugs per shipping box is fewer.

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum per item

The minimum quantity for each item included is 500 pieces. Because dealers may decide to change the quantity per box or all-around wave the box and go with Bulk, this format is necessary.

Pricing Format

Pricing is based on the current advertised price on the Precision Airgun Ammo store. For example- If a dealer wanted to order 500 rounds of the RHINO, the format would be as follows (500 round= 10, 50 count boxes @ $75.00 per = $1.50 -20% Discounted price= $60.00


FREE!! That's right, free with any orders of 500+ With thanks from Precision Airgun Ammo

Handling Time

Precision Airgun Ammo will require five business days to process, produce, package, and ship dealer orders. In most cases the handling time will be fewer than five days, but we'd rather play it safe.



Contact Us

For more information on our dealer program please visit our website at, Office # (404)213-7186

Ammunition product is not allowed for everyone, your age must be 21 years or older before buying any product from our store.

We strictly comply with all local, state, and federal laws with respect to the sale of Airgun pellets.

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